I am passionate about 3D graphics. In my work, I combine enthusiasm for visual arts and knowledge in the field of architecture, what allows me to understand the intentions of designers in order to present the project's specification in the best way. I love discovering, finding new solutions to problems, reaching the goal by newer and better paths. I believe that thanks to this approach, I can cross borders and achieve results that exceed my expectations and expectations of my clients.


I specialize in photorealistic visualizations of architectural designs, prepared for the needs of real estate marketing for the development and architectural industries. With a wide range of possibilities, architectural objects and interiors can be presented in a variety of forms, from static shots, animations, 360-degree panoramas to virtual reality using a smartphone screen that is connected to VR glasses.

wizualizacje osiedli dla deweloperów, projektowanie pomieszczeń i wnętrz, rzuty mieszkań i rzuty 3D

Marcin Pac




360’ Panoramas | Virtual Reality

This is a unique way of presenting the project. Thanks to the use of this technology, our visualizations can be presented on the screens of smartphones connected with VR glasses. It allows you to get the impression of being immersed in VR technology. 360’ Panoramas can present both interior visualizations and the external surroundings of architectural objects.

wizualizacje VR, wizualizacje 360 i panoramy 360 stopni

Animations | Presentations of 3D products

I offer 3D visualizations of products in both arrangements and "in the studio" on a white and transparent background in a specially selected stage with lighting, bringing out the best features and elements of the product. Within the offer, 3D animations are made in HD and HD ready resolution.

animacja 3d produktów, grafika 3d HD, animacja osiedla

Architectural visualizations

Architecture is not only blocks, but above all, details, Which is why I pay special attention to them. Properly adjusted light and composition build the shot that gives the recipient the atmosphere of the place and the best elements of architecture. In the case of large-scale facilities, the offer also includes visualizations and animations made from a bird's-eye view.

dekorowanie wnętrz, wizualizacje z lotu ptaka, oferta dla deweloperów, wizualizacja osiedla

Interior designs

See how your dream interior will look now, before renovation. I realize projects in the form of 3D projections, virtual walks, 360 degree panoramas, virtual reality or static shots in high definition. Commission the project to see the final effect before the renovation begins.

projekt kuchni, projekt sypialni, projekt łazienki rzeszów

Marcin Pac

Virtual reality, panormay 360 stopni, wizualizacje i animacje architektoniczne
Wizualizacje dla deweloperów



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360’ Panoramas

Wizualizacje architekturaRzeszów

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